A [training] Week in the Life of Grace.

I told my trainer I wanted to attempt to run my first half marathon.  He lit up with excitement.  I asked him to write me a training schedule which he gladly did.  When he gave it to me I thought he had provided me with the wrong person’s training schedule…like one for a professional athlete.  But, Half Marathon Training Schedule for Grace G. was written at the top (trust me, I checked!)  It’s intense.  But I am determined to finish 13.1 and to the best of my ability have done everything that devil  awesome training schedule has asked of me.

Mondays: Off days

Tuesdays: Walk 30 min and do a Crossfit Bootcamp at my gym-There are two trainers who run Crossfit Bootcamp and they are both awesome.  They push me and push me and push me…And when they know I’m not giving it my all…They make fun of me.  Haha, not really…But they do call me out.  For some, this would be terribly frightening…But for me it ignites me! The workouts have a wide range of exercises.  I will try to remember to get some pictures of myself at the workout tonight.  Crossfit has seriously started to transform my body.  My muscles are getting toned and my body is changing shape.  It also has been huge with my running.  To be good at running, you have to build up your muscles.  A lot of people overlook this very important aspect and think to be a good runner all you have to do is run…False.

Wednesday: Sprint day.  Each week has a different sprint time and amount.  For example, this week I will [attempt] to sprint my fastest for 5 minutes with a one two minute (sorry training schedule, I’m not Super Woman!) recovery, repeating 10 times.

Thursday: Same as Tuesday

Friday: Tempo run.  A set distance and time goal.  This week’s is 5 miles at a 9 minute mile pace (We’ll see.  I can do a 10 minute mile, but 9 might be pushing it!) Also a 60 minute Yoga class.  It’s very gentle yoga and is all about breathing and stretching…ahhhh.

Saturday: 60 minutes Cross Training (Usually 30 on the Elliptical and 30 on the Recumbent Bike)

Sunday: Long Run day.  Distance get progressively longer until race day, but there is not a timed goal.  This week is 10 miles!