Meetings. Go.

Attending weekly meetings was is crucial for my success at Weight Watchers.  The credibility of having someone else weigh me each week keeps me honest.  Not only that, you will learn so much at meetings!  Of course from your leader, but more from other members!  From food finds to ideas for new activities, or my personal favorite…Put your salad in a bowl and put it on the scale…zero it out and then pour your salad dressing on top to the serving size (usually in grams) Why?  Because I want every drop of what I deserve and if you use a measure spoon to measure out the dressing some of it gets stuck on the utensil!  When a member at my meeting shared this tidbit of advice she quickly went from normal lady to THE SMARTEST LIVING WOMAN I’VE MET IN REAL LIFE, in my book.  It is also nice to hear that people are going through the same struggles you are (cue Michael Jackon-”You are not alone…” )  But really, going to meetings reminds you that you really aren’t alone on this journey and you are not the first person to fight through the struggles.  If I have a bad week and fully know I gained…I still force myself to go weigh in.  It’s never as bad as you think and it feels good to be accountable for the gain and move on from it.  Moral of this story: GO. TO. MEETINGS.