A Weight Watcher’s Review: Luna Fiber Bars

So…I have been looking for these amazing little guys for quite some time now.  I squealed when I finally found them (You all know how much I LOVE food…and trying new products is on my top 10 fun things I love list!)

The facts: 1 bar is 3 PointsPlus.  Perfect for a snack or paired with an egg, fruit, and coffee for breakfast!

My thoughts:

Well people.  Luna Bar does it again. NAILED IT.  I LOVE THEM!  There are three flavors of Luna Fiber Bars currently. Chocolate Raspberry, Vanilla Blueberry, and the purpose of this convo: Peanut Butter Strawberry.  It tastes like a Pb&J sandwich mixed with a peanut butter cookie and has the same texture and shape as a nutrigrain bar.  Now the bad news…My stomach does not like these little guys as much as my taste buds. This is nothing new, as I know this about all fiber bars.  But I totally recommend if you aren’t sensitive to fiber bars in general because they taste awesome!