My thoughts on Weight Watchers Simple Start

So it’s been a couple of weeks since Weight Watchers officially unveiled its new Simple Start plan…I, being the app-loving girl I am, discovered the plan several weeks ago and of course being the impatient, love trying new things girl I am…I did it! There are several things I love about it, my favorite being how EASY it is to plan meals and snacks! I have been a Simply Filling girl for a long time now, so to me this plan is kind of Simply Filling on steroids- haha! The major difference between the two plans is the weekly allowance (Simply Filling) or weekly indulgence (Simple Start) points. On SF you can use all or none of your weekly points (to use on non-power foods) however you want to split them up. Meaning you could use all of them in one day or split them up. With Simple Start you have to split them up (if you choose to use them) so 7 indulgence points per day at most. I honestly try to keep my weeklies to 7 points plus per day at most on Simply filling anyway, so this wasn’t really to challenging for me.

Here’s where I think Weight Watchers is really smart. I’m sure you have all heard of “clean eating.” If not, clean eating is basically a diet consisting of no processed foods (sounds striking similar to Simply Filling, right?!) Even as a Weight Watchers member, I used to find it kind of terrible how little focus was placed on choosing “cleaner” options on Weight Watchers. Sure, you were encouraged to eat fruits, veggies, and lean proteins…but in my experience it was more about finding a way to live on the processed food we were all used to stuffing ourselves with, in a more portion controlled way…Which is good! I’m not saying I never eat processed food..Hello, I could eat my life away in sweets…But it seemed for a long time that Weight Watchers showed people how to lose weight by eating fast food and colorfully packaged 100 calorie packs instead of REAL FOOD. But times, they are a changing!

I absolutely LOVE that Weight Watchers sees the importance of teaching people to shift from predominately processed foods in

Cutting processed foods for 4 days

Cutting processed foods for 4 days

their diet to power foods. I have seen so many benefits from changing to a cleaner diet…Not only on the scale, but in HOW my clothes fit, muscles look, skin feels, etc. The biggest change for me is the bloated mess I become with I overdo it with the processed stuff! The picture to the right is the difference of 4 days of clean eating! So crazy.

So I challenge each of you to try Simple Start! It’s 2 weeks and I think you would be AMAZED at how good you look and feel, and the number on the scale. Are you going to try it? Let me know how it goes!


No-fail Broiled Salmon

So, one of my goals this week is to make something I never have before.  Mission accomplished!

Just like the name says…this is truly a no-fail situation.  Literally if you mess this up, throw in the towel and get out of the kitchen.  Ok kidding, keep trying! But really, this doesn’t get much easier. Oh and 4 oz. of salmon is 6 PointsPlus and the Soyaki is 1 PointPlus per Tbsp (I used 2 per 4 oz of salmon) Grand total: 8 PointsPlus and very filling! (I ate mine with 1/2 C quinoa for 3 PointsPlus)

This recipe comes from (No people, I can’t take credit for this gem!) I took a picture of mine, but…well, lets just say it tasted better than it looked!

Want to make it? Check it out here.  You will thank me-scratch that-you will thank Shea later.  Trust me.