A Topic Very Near and Dear to my Heart: Dessert.


It’s no secret. I have a HUGE sweet tooth.  I could be in a room full of chips, pasta, dips, etc. and be in full control of myself…Put me in the room next door filled with cookies, candy, ice cream, etc…D A N G E R.  One aspect of Weight Watchers that is key to my success is the idea that you can have anything you want…and they strongly encourage you to include the things you love in your plan.  Remember, this style of eating is a [lifestyle] change, not a [diet].  You will eat this way for the rest of your life, not just until you hit goal!  Let me put it this way: If someone ever told me “You can never have candy again” you would soon hear the headline “Candy lover goes crazy on “diet” enforcer” on the news.  I love when I find products that satisfy my sweet tooth, yet don’t blow my Points Plus budget.  These little gems pass the test!  Blue Bunny (music to my ears) Sweet Freedom Krunch Lites.  They are no sugar added, but honestly do not taste like it!  For 3 Points Plus, done and done.