This Flatbread is a gift from God.

So, these things are HUGE. (I know sorry the picture sucks) I use them to make all kinds of wraps.  Any guesses for Points Plus value??  Being the Weight Watchers expert I am (ha!) I saw these at the store and thought oh geeze…If I wanted to spend 8 Points Plus on just the wrap I’d go all out and eat a piece of pizza!  So, I took out my handy Iphone and typed in the nutritional information-fully prepared to put the wraps back down from the shock of the Points Plus value…Man am I happy I didn’t have to!!!  The entire wrap is 3 Points Plus!!!  1/2 (Plenty for a generous sized wrap at lunch) is only 1!!! The annoying part about these is they are only available at Walmart Super Stores.  I have looked everywhere and that is the only place I have found them.  If you find them somewhere else, please share!!