Itty Bitty…Club

Yes, I’ve joined a club I never in my entire life thought I would join…The one for those of us ladies who are smaller in the chest department.  To get the BIG elephant [bra] in the room out of the way, that big tan God awful looking thing is a 42 DD. Yes, FORTY-TWO DOUBLE D.

Moving on…I went to Victoria’s Secret today to explore.  Before losing weight I couldn’t even dream of fitting in a bra from there.  So, I walked in and happily told the lady, “I’ve lost some weight and would like to buy a new bra.” She said great and whipped out here measuring tape (right in the middle of those store…something Fatty Grace would have freaking died experiencing) But I gladly put my hands on my hips and waited for her to finish.  Not exactly knowing what the number size would be, I was fully expecting at least the letter D to be involved…when the words 36 C exited her mouth I think I must have had a look of shock on my face because she laughed and said “Not what you were expecting?” A little piece of me wanted to cry tears of joy (recently discovered I’m getting to be an emotional wreck in my older years..JOY!) But, I kept it together and headed back to the dressing room.

What happened next was really a shocking moment for me.  The very nice lady helping me said, “Would you like to try on a push-up style? Smaller sized women usually like them.” Ummm what?! Smaller. Sized. Women. This was me, Grace Goodman, this lady was talking about! I’ve never in my life been described as smaller ANYTHING. Trying to control my beaming ear to ear smile, I said ya sure, whatever you think…And off she went to pull some styles for smaller sized me.

Experiencing things like this never gets old.  I try to keep a mental note of these situations when I’m having a hard week with food or staying on track.  Yes, because it reminds me how good it feels to have these experiences, but more importantly to remind myself 1) how for I have come, and 2) having a hard day or a hard week happens.  It’s how you deal with it that matters.  It’s nice to have these “off the scale” victories because in the end no one can ever look at you notice a pound or two here and there…but when your size shrinks people notice.  You notice. And that feels AH-MAZ-ING.