See ya Never Double Digits, the Shopping Trip that Changed my Life

So I went shopping this weekend. Didn’t really plan on it, but when your mom says hey want to go shopping and look around? YOU DON’T SAY NO. Rule of life. This shopping trip was different, and here’s why:

I remembered that earlier in the week I realized my size 10 jeans were baggy. Not falling off, but I was showing signs of diaper butt. So, when I saw a pair of size 8s on the sale rack, I had a bit of a panic. It was as if the weight loss Gods and the bargain Gods got together and led me to this pair of jeans, haha! My panic came from “if I go try these on and they don’t fit, how will this make me feel? Will I feel defeated and run for the closest cookies I could find? Will I cry? Will it empower me? So many thoughts racing through my mind.  But I decided to go for it.

What happened next is a moment that will live on in my mind for the rest of my life. I got into the dressing room, locked the door, pep talked myself and put one leg in. Ok, that feels fine let’s go for leg number 2. Ok legs are in and jeans are to my knees.  That feeling I’ve experienced so many times…You know the one, where you try on pants that are too tight and you start sweating a bit and fear you will be stuck in the most uncomfortable straight jacket pants forever, wasn’t there! They went over my thighs with ease to my waist…ZIPPED…and regular breathing ensued! Holy shit, I was a freaking size 8! I haven’t worn single digit pants since ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, people.

I didn’t plan on buying anything this day. But another rule of life…When you try on pants that are a size smaller than you wore last time you went shopping…and they fit…YOU BUY THEM. They’re hanging in my closet now, almost with a bright aura around them putting all of the size 10 pants they are next to, to shame.  Just waiting to be worn. It won’t be tmrw (Mondays are weigh-in days and you must be crazy to think I’ll wear jeans and step on the scale!) But look out world…I’ll be conquering you this week…wearing size 8 pants!

3 thoughts on “See ya Never Double Digits, the Shopping Trip that Changed my Life

  1. Best post ever. I feel this way every time I try on a size smaller…and it freakin’ fits!

    Love you, Grace. I come here and check in for inspiration to stay on track.


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