No-fail Broiled Salmon

So, one of my goals this week is to make something I never have before.  Mission accomplished!

Just like the name says…this is truly a no-fail situation.  Literally if you mess this up, throw in the towel and get out of the kitchen.  Ok kidding, keep trying! But really, this doesn’t get much easier. Oh and 4 oz. of salmon is 6 PointsPlus and the Soyaki is 1 PointPlus per Tbsp (I used 2 per 4 oz of salmon) Grand total: 8 PointsPlus and very filling! (I ate mine with 1/2 C quinoa for 3 PointsPlus)

This recipe comes from (No people, I can’t take credit for this gem!) I took a picture of mine, but…well, lets just say it tasted better than it looked!

Want to make it? Check it out here.  You will thank me-scratch that-you will thank Shea later.  Trust me.

2 thoughts on “No-fail Broiled Salmon

  1. Mmmm Grace! This looks sooo delicious :) Can’t wait to try another one of your wonderful recipe suggestions!! Sharing this one w/ people at work as well! Thank you!!

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