Easy Chicken Gyro

Ok so I LOVE gyros.  There is a place in Kansas City that makes a pretty damn good one.  I literally looked at the menu to get the ingredients and made this great alternative to what I’m sure is a very high PP gyro from the restaurant at home.

These are 6 or 8 (with cheese) Points Plus

What you need:

Chicken Breast (I used the frozen breasts that WW now has) They are 5 oz breasts for 3 PP

Pita (the kind that has a pocket) you only need 1 or what would be 1/2 of a full pita

Onion (I love onion so I use a lot, but just as much as you like is fine!)

Tomato slices (again, up to you on how much)

1 slice Reduced fat swiss cheese (I actually totally forgot to put this on the gyro pictured and it was still delicious!)

2 Tbsp Tzatziki sauce (I’m sure you can get fancy and make your own…I bought some already made at Trader Joes and it was really good…It even had cucumbers sliced up in it!! Also, if you have a Harris Teeter grocery store where you live, they make a really good one too!)

How to make it:

Cook chicken (I did mine on a grill pan inside) I always pound mine out until it  is pretty flat so it cooks more evenly.

Chop up onion and tomato

Microwave pita for 15-20 seconds

Put all ingredients inside pita pocket, add 2 tbsp tzatziki and enjoy! This really is so easy and really really good!

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