Holy Moly..It’s been WAY too long.

Ok guys…I cannot believe how busy I have been lately!!  Since my last post, I’ve run ANOTHER half marathon, done some traveling, made it through Halloween AND Thanksgiving, and have lost 7 lbs!

I had a come to Jesus meeting with myself.  I looked back at where I was weight-wise 1 year ago…guess what…ABOUT THE SAME.  That wasn’t so much fun to realize…but I will say, although my weight has stayed the same, my clothing size has gone DOWN and I am feeling great.  That being said, I am in the zone, have lost 7 lbs and can officially say I am 21 lbs away from my goal weight!  Me, Grace Goodman is ONLY 21 lbs over weight!  That’s like a regular person who just needs to lose 20 lbs. Very surreal.

Running is going very well.  I finished my THIRD half marathon!  Although my time isn’t where I want it to be…I didn’t feel like death was approaching me during this one so I will take that as a victory!  Crossing those finish lines just never gets old.  Around mile 8 I always think to myself  ”Self, why did you do this?  Never again.” And then I cross and am filled with happiness and all of the pain and tiredness leaves my body and I start planning for the next one!

Another great thing happened since we last spoke…My mommy joined Weight Watchers!  She doesn’t have much to lose (she has lost 100 lbs too!) but wants to get about 20-30 off.  It has been so awesome having her on plan.  We are always asking each other what we are eating and comparing activity points.  She has the same leader as me, but goes at a different time.  I really think her joining will be my final push to 150.  I cannot wait!!  I am trying to be at goal by March 1.  I know I have always said don’t set dates…but I’m using winter to get these 20 lbs off, so when spring and warm weather are here…I can feel confident in less clothing =)  For any of you struggling to get motivated…this spring goal really helped me.  Everyone is covered up and staying inside during the winter…So I am using this time to get this last bit of weight off!

I think those are the major things going on with me.  I promise to get better about posting regularly! Lots of fun stuff coming up!!!

Just keep running…Just keep running.


























The two weeks leading up to this race were not good for me. I managed to get a massive knot/pulled muscle in my shoulder and neck. To the point I could not look to my right.  For 2 weeks. I was on a muscle relaxer, saw the chiropractor several times, got a massage…All gave me some relief but did not allow me to do any activity.  What finally did work for me was two rounds of acupuncture. But the moral of this story is for 2 freaking weeks leading up to a half marathon, I couldn’t move…couldn’t train. COULDN’T DO ANYTHING except be in pain! Not. Ideal. But:

In good news: I crossed my 2nd 13.1 finish line! In better news: I learned SO MUCH during this run. In thankful news: the running gods sent me a running angel, in the form of an amazing runner, doctor, and most importantly…a very good friend and remarkable person.

So it begins. All of the people I thought I would run this race with started with the 2:25 pace group. My number one rule when group running at races, if someone feels good they need to push on, if someone feels horrible they can stay back, but no one is expected to stay with them (really no harsh feelings when these things happen!)  At the end of the day, this is YOUR race.  More on this later =)

Where was I? Oh yes, so we all start. I am feeling great. I’m Tweeting. Taking pics. Loving life. We get to the first hill and I’m feeling good. Pushing and pushing. Get to the top and feel pretty good, tired, but am waiting for the recovery of a flat surface to take over my body.  This half way happens.  I’m still pushing though. (Also at this point everyone I was running with got separated…except for me and my running angel!)

In my last race, my wall hit at mile 6. They say “history repeats itself.” And guess what…IT DOES. Or at least it [did] for this race. Yep, mile 6 came and I felt a dreaded cramp. This is where you get to meet my running angel. Norah. I told her I had a cramp and was feeling really tired and she told me we could slow down…EVEN WALKED WITH ME! We made it to an aid station where I had some gatorade and gu.  I thought this would cure my cramping. False. Norah kept pushing me, telling me how strong I am and that I am going to be ok and just to keep going.  At this point I didn’t believe her, but she is so damn convincing I just kept going.  I knew I had my first set of cheering friends coming up very soon and I told myself to make it to them and then I could walk a bit.

That happened. Norah and I walked a bit. She would give me markers.  ”We can walk to this tree, we can walk to this sign, etc.” We start up again. Cramps. Cramps. CRAMPS. But we push on. I knew my next set of Cheerleaders were coming up! I see Jodi! She’s smiling and holding up a sign.  I told her I was dying and she reminded me how strong I am and that I can do this.  She was right…although my body really didn’t believe her.

Oh also I should mention, Norah wears a water bottle belt thingy…Not only did she let me have one of the water bottles, she carried it for me the entire time!

So we push on.  At this point I think we are running 10 min at most and walking a few.  Mostly through aid stations, but walking more than Norah needed to. But she never left my side.  Never quit telling me how strong I was. And how much closer to the finish we were.  I felt so bad because I knew I was holding her back.  As much as I wanted to force her to push on, I had a weird feeling and knew the minute she left I would psych myself out and possibly not finish. I’m pretty sure I told her a few times to push on, but she just kept telling me it was ok and that we were going to finish together.

We got to mile 11 and I was feeling very, very weird. What happened next…Had Norah not been there…the ending to this story would have been a much worse and quite sad. I looked down at my hands and they were SWOLLEN. I mean hotdogs for fingers…Couldn’t make out my knuckles, swollen. I’m already a bit of a paranoid, [hypochondriac] person…It was a true gift from the universe that my running partner happens to be a very well-trained surgeon.  Yes people, I get the pleasure of running with a doctor by my side.  For those of you who know me, you know how fitting this is haha!

As I start to [FREAK] out because fatty Grace’s hands are coming back from the dead and reappearing on fitty Grace’s forearms, Norah tells me to calm down…The issue is I need salt…At first thought I was like wait…sodium causes bloat…Maybe my very smart doctor friend had been running so long she was losing her mind…I want my hands to shrink not swell!  Well little to this runner’s knowledge…When you sweat a lot you lose a lot of salt (yes I knew this) but what I did not know is if you are losing it, but not replacing it…your body does the whole swelling thing bc it retains water.  As I continue to look at my sausage finger hands, Norah kept telling me to calm down and that we are so close to the finish and reassuring me that I will be fine.

A very important note…Had Norah not been there, I 100% would have called 911 from my cell phone and requested an ambulance immediately. IMMEDIATELY. And would not have finished.

We get to the home stretch and I see my friends cheering. I was still so freaked out by my hands (I vaguely remember yelling out to them “I’m having a medical emergency!!” Which you can see in the photo of me holding my hands out, Thank you to the photog, Jodi!) I couldn’t really celebrate the finish. Which sucks, but I had 2 GIANT hands to deal with. It’s now all very funny to me, but at the time…NOT FUNNY. We went to breakfast after where Norah told me to get something with a lot of sodium…I did…and what do you know! w/n the hours, my hands were back to normal!

I cannot tell you how lucky I am to have Norah not just as a fantastic running partner, but as a friend. She saved me in my last half also! See the pattern? Haha, so for the next one…I’m running under her wing for training. If she tells me to run it, I’ll run it…Eat it…I’ll eat it…I am determined to be one of those people who crosses the finish smiling!

So for now…I’m a badass because I finished this one when I really REALLY [R E A L L Y] didn’t think it was going to be possible…But next time, I’m going to be a badass because I finished in a killer time…wearing a smile. (Oh, and a pair of normal sized hands!)

P.S. A VERY VERY big congrats to the other ppl I’m pictured with.  They all KILLED it and it was a first half for 2 of them!!

It’s Race Week People!

Image: From my first half marathon!

Wow. I have been MIA in FromFattyTo world! Well at least on the blogging level…Still eating on plan and working out (Kind of!)

I’ve been dealing with an injury that is kind of guided me off track and not allowed me to workout in about 10 days…But 13.1 is happening in 6 days people.

Yes, I’ve crossed a 13.1 finish line once before.  You can read about it here.  In that post I talk about the emotions I went through crossing that finish life, but more importantly crossing a major emotional finish line as well.  I ran that race for Fatty Grace.  For the girl I used to be and for the things she always admired people for doing, but “would never be able to do herself.”

This time it’s different.  Fatty Grace is no longer.  (Yes I’m still not at goal) but mentally and emotionally the girl I used to be crossed that finish line and is still off running somewhere far, far away.  This 13.1 is for me, the new version of myself.

Every runner has their own “science” to the process of preparing for runs.  Mine starts about a week out where I mentally put myself on the course.  I imagine all of the people on the sidelines cheering for everyone who is running and think about what I will remind myself of when my body is telling me in anyway possible that it’s ready to be done.  My process also includes lots of Powerade zero and water, lots of power foods, stretching…oh and of course, making a brand new playlist.  (I salute people who can run without music…I need the music for distraction)

Speaking of distractions…I will be Tweeting my way through the entire race and would LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your encouraging Tweets along the way =)  You can find me: @FromFattyTo. I will also use #FromFattyToRunner with each Tweet so you can find me that way too! Everyone who I’ve ever connected with through FromFattyTo.com reminds me why I do the things I do and how far I have come and I can’t think of a better group of people to ask for encouragement from!  I will do a recap post after I cross and will post all my new photos from the race!  For now, I shall continue to channel my inner Forrest.  Tweet ya on raceday!

I’m back…So let’s talk about where the heck I’ve been and my summer goals!

Wow, it’s been quite some time since my last post!  But I have had A LOT going on.  Started a new job, was in a friends wedding, celebrated with out of town friends…And as I’m sure you can imagine…all of these things forced me to deal with a lot of food and being off my regular routine.  But I am happy to say in these crazy 2 weeks, I finally weighed in and only gained 2 lbs!

The food:  In a four day period I had a pizza lunch on my first day at my new job, a second pizza lunch the next day accompanied with other pot luck goodies at work, followed by a mexican food bridesmaid dinner that night, a rehearsal dinner catered by Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ Friday night, and then treats, alcohol, and wedding dinner Saturday night.  I went into the midweek and weekend telling myself I was not going to go crazy with my food choices, but I also was not going to stress myself out so much about it that I forgot what I was really there to do: start a new job I am incredibly excited about and celebrate one of my very best friends getting married!  Sometimes it is important to take a step back and realize sometimes its ok to indulge and allow yourself to enjoy events going on in your life!  The important thing for me is Monday morning I was right back at it!

The Running: Yesterday was National Running Day!  My friend Val (The bride from the past weekend!) and I met up with a bunch of Kansas City runners for a 4 mile run to celebrate!  Great people, great course, great time! (40 min, and yes sustaining a 10 min mile is something I still celebrate!)  I have a 5K this weekend that I am really excited about as well!

The workouts:  For the most part I was able to keep my workouts throughout my busy schedule!  Even if I could only fit in a quick 30 min session I made sure to fit that in.  CrossFit has been getting more challenging with each session.  We have started the basics of learning how to do real pull-ups.  My goal is to do just 1 real pull-up by the end of August.  [I think I can, I think I can].

Weight Watchers News: Speaking of goals I have set a pretty big goal for myself.  My two year anniversary with Weight Watchers is this August.  Two freaking years!!  I can’t believe it.  I have set my final goal weight at 150 and am trying to get there by the end of August.  It won’t be easy, but I know I can do this.  I have come so far and it’s time for me to meet this damn goal!

Moral of this story:  Never let food be in control of your life to the point you miss out on the important stuff.  Life is too short to spend major life events worrying about what is going in your mouth.  I am living proof.  Because guess what…In the big scheme of things, 2 lbs is nothing…My pants still fit…and I made memories with my best friends I will never forget.   Make sure to take this with a grain of salt, however.  How quickly 1 day turns into 1 week, turns into 1 month, turns into 1 year.  It is ok to give yourself a day here or there.  But you have to commit back to your routine the next day. Having a healthy lifestyle is a [forever].  The most important question to continually to ask yourself is: Is the way I am eating, working out, etc. something I can do forever…If you can’t live without eating candy for the rest of your life, don’t do it for any “diet”.  That damn “D” word will get you every time.  Trust me.

5K races. Why I love them!

It seems like 5Ks are popping up all over the place!  This makes me incredibly happy because I love 5Ks.  They are long enough (3.1 miles) to feel like you got in a good run, but short enough you can really push your speed.  They are also the perfect distance to set an obtainable goal to finish.  You can make your goal to walk, run, jog, or a combo of any of the 3!  There are tons of 5K training guides out there.  Just make sure you give your body time to adjust as you train.  Pushing yourself to do more than your body is ready for can lead to injury and will keep you from meeting your 5K goals!  (So don’t freaking do it!!)

I am running in the Color Run in June and the Glow Run in July!  I have the pleasure of being a Glowbassador (hence the glowing picture!) for the Glow Run this year as well!  The Color Run is sold out (I believe) but the Glow Run still has spots!  I encourage you to check it out.  If you have never done one before, this will be an unforgettable first 5K or if you are an old pro, I can almost guarantee you have not done one at night that is lit with glowing lights!  I had to walk/run my first 5K in April of 2011 and ran my first half marathon almost 1 year to the day of my first 5K…So if you think you can’t do it…Knock it off.  Get up. Get going. And get ready to cross your first (but certainly not last) finish line!

13.1…Run and Done!


I did it!  I finished my first half marathon!  That. Was. Amazing. It was also the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  Mentally and physically.

There were some factors out of my control that were working against me for this run: unexpected humidity and allergies.  The humidity KILLED me.  I couldn’t stop feeling thirsty, so I kept drinking at the aid stations, but felt the water and gatorade just sloshing around in my stomach more and more with each mile.  I also felt like I was running through thick air, while my allergies weren’t allowing me to breathe properly through my nose-horrible combo in everyday life…MISERABLE when trying to run!!

I hit a major wall around mile 8.  If it weren’t for my amazing friends jumping and screaming and holding up signs for me at that exact point I think I would have mentally broken down. I saw them and it put me in a new state of mind.  I suddenly remembered “I can do this.”  Mile 9 came and so did major side cramps in my stomach (yes, cramps…plural…as in, on both sides) thanks to the massive amounts of fluids I was consuming from the humidity!  But I stretched them out and allowed myself at mile 10 to walk one song, run one song.  I was still fighting, but I needed back up.  So, I tweeted my amazing friend Janelle and amazing runner (she had crossed the finish many minutes before!) She kept reminding me that at this point it was all mental and that I am strong and to just keep running.

I saw the mile 11 sign and felt relief that I was 1 closer, but couldn’t believe I had 2.1 to go.  The next thing that happened was a true gift from the running gods.  I felt someone tap my shoulder, looked over and it was my friend Norah.  I told her I was dying and she looked at me and said we are so close, we are running together, you can do this.  (She is also a doctor, which when you feel that far past what you think your body can handle…having a doctor running next to you is very comforting haha!)  She just kept telling me “you can do this” “we are almost there” “you’ve made it so far.” (I don’t know what would have happened had she not run up next to me…but let me just reiterate how thankful I am that she did.)

As we were running, she said are those people yelling your name?  I knew my cheering crew was anxiously awaiting me at the finish line so I was sure these people weren’t shouting my name.  As I got closer, I realized Janelle and 3 other awesome people (Val, Lisa, and Matt) were there to pump me up!  That was huge.  I was going to freaking finish this thing…running.

As we crossed mile 12 I just kept picturing my friends and family waiting for me.  I knew the faster I ran, the faster I would see them.  That did it.  As I could make out the words finish the pain left.  This was it, I was about to cross my first 13.1 finish line.  As I got closer, I looked to my right and saw my brother jumping and yelling and my mom crying and my friends going wild.  I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life.  I don’t remember the exact moment I crossed that finish line, but I will be forever grateful to everyone who made that happen.  I thought I would be a crying mess as I finished, but I think the extreme exhaustion and shock of what I had just done made everything surreal.

As I have looked through pictures from yesterday and thought about my training and all of the people who showed me so much love and thought about where I have come from it finally hit me…and in true Grace fashion, I balled!  Major things happened to me yesterday.  Things I swear to God I never thought I would ever do.  I said goodbye forever to Fatty Grace yesterday at that finish line.  That race was for her, but the next one…That one is for today’s Grace…Me.

Race Week Eating…The Challenge before the Challenge!

This week I get to “fuel my body” for race day!  It’s hard to know what to eat to help your body perform its best for something like this.  I have consulted my running friends and have a pretty good idea for what I need to be doing.  Here is my lunch from today.  Egg Salad (recipe below) on Sara Lee Delight bread (6 Points Plus) 1/2 C low fat cottage cheese (2 Points Plus) Strawberries, Pineapple, Grapes (free!).  I. AM. STUFFED.  I know I have to eat more this week, but it is very hard.  I am not worrying as much about keeping my points this week, because I know the importance of making sure my body is fueled up…But I am also not going crazy eating huge amounts.  It’s a very good test for me!  We will see what the scale says next week!

Egg Salad

2 egg whites, 1 yolk (I unfortunately just throw the other one away)

1 Tbsp light mayo

1/2-1 Tsp mustard

1-2 Tsp chopped onion (I like red, but any variety works)

Pepper to taste, might need salt, I just try to avoid.

Chop it, mix it, eat it!

I’m ready.

I can’t believe race week is already here!  The training is done.  Taper, stretch, fuel, taper, stretch, fuel are the main tasks on my agenda this week.  Today someone asked me if I’m scared…I hadn’t really thought about it (thanks for putting that thought in my mind!! No, jk.)  Scared isn’t the right word…I’m excited, I’m anxious, and I’m eager…but mostly I’m ready.  I’m ready to explode at the start (but not a crazy explosion…one of the many excellent tips I have received!) I’m ready to zone out all the worries from everyday life and zone in on the Beyonce, LMFAO, Black Eyed Peas, and Will Smith’s Gettin Jiggy With It, playing through my earbuds.  I’m ready to look into the crowds and see my awesome friends and family cheering me on.  I’m ready to push my body.  I’m ready to push my mind.  I’m ready to cross that finish line (crying like a baby I’m sure!) And mostly I’m ready to prove to myself that I can do this.  This one is for Fatty Grace and especially for  that reason, I’m ready.