I fell…Hard.

So…Yes. Wow. Lots and lots going on since we last met.

I moved to Washington, DC last February and started a new job. I also moved into a new apartment. Fast forward to July. I left the job I moved here for, because I landed my dream job. (more on that another day.) Fast forward to Nov. 1 and I moved into yet another new apartment. Commitment issues? Ha, no. [well maybe] But, both my job and new apt are permanent for a long, long time.

Rewind to last February. I was in the best shape of my life. I [f e l t] amazing. And damn, looking back-I looked amazing. So then I moved. Told myself I had until March 1 to get settled and then kick it back in to my amazingly healthy gear. That happened. Sorta. Fast forward to today [with a few pauses] and here I am…up 20, yes [t w e n t y] lbs and feeling like crap. It’s amazing the toll unhealthy food and lacking exercise has on my body once it’s trained to be accustomed to all the healthy things:

  • Some of my pants still fit, but not comfortably–and seriously some not at all.
  • Many of my shirts are tight in the arms.
  • There was a good amount of time getting dressed in the morning was easy. Everything in my closet fit, felt comfortable, and most importantly made me feel confident—Something I remember telling people was one of my favorite things about losing weight! Now trying to piece together the several items in my closet I’m comfortable in feels like chore.
  • My face has been breaking out like crazy for the last few months (even under the care of a dermatologist!)
  • My workouts feel more difficult in a bad way.
  • I am constantly tired and/or “just don’t feel great.”
  • I [ c r a v e ] sugar. I mean crrrrrrave.

(I’m really not trying to go all Negative Nancy on myself, these are just the facts people.)

Here’s what really shocks me. I’ve sat in those Weight Watchers meetings and listened to countless people talk about how they had lost so much weight and were back because they gained some or all of it back…And each time I remember thinking, “I just don’t understand how that happens. This is my lifestyle…That won’t ever be me.” Whelp folks, I ate those words (and clearly several slices of pizza and all the sweets) because here I am…Riding that struggle bus allllll niiiiigggghhhht loooooong.

I’ve tried to pinpoint if there is one thing that is causing this or if it’s several…I know one thing is the culture in DC is far different than what I was used to in Kansas City. Happy hours weren’t mandatory, brunch didn’t mean bottomless mimosas by the pitcher and as many menu items as I wanted. Weekends weren’t based around bars and booze and my workouts weren’t an “if I have time” option. But that being said…I have to learn to balance. I can’t won’t give up my social outings, but I also [r e f u s e] to let my social life take pertinence over my physical and mental health.

The other [bad news bears] situation tapping on my shoulder: HOLIDAYS. Oh, Lord why is the season ‘o eating upon us?! I absolutely refuse to eat and drink my way through November and December only to wake up January 1 a defeated, bloated, why did I do this mess. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So in my plea to myself to find my healthy ways…To get back on track…To FEEL overall amazing again…I’m turing to you all. Please help me get back on track and finish 2014 strong!

Today begins my personal 15lbs by 2015 challenge. I’m aiming to lose 15 by 1/1/15. I know I can do it–but think it would be a whole lot more fun you all did it with me =D Your goal doesn’t have to be 15 by 15…or even scale specific!

  1. What will you publicly agree to accomplish by Jan. 1, 2015? 
  2. Have any of you gained weight back that you’ve lost? If so, how did you get yourself back on track?

I find myself feeling disappointed that I allowed it to get to this point–a place I never thought I’d be. This is a challenge I honestly never thought I would be facing…But I’m human first…and unfortunately you all know what that means! I am really struggling to stay positive and man oh man do I want to be. I am sharing this with you all yes, in hopes you can help me! But more importantly because I want you to know this weight loss thing is a mad struggle. It’s emotional. And no matter where you are in your journey, [you're not alone.]

This is the night before I started my 15 lbs by 2015 challenge.

The night before I started my 15 lbs by 2015 challenge.


I’m back…So let’s talk about where the heck I’ve been and my summer goals!

Wow, it’s been quite some time since my last post!  But I have had A LOT going on.  Started a new job, was in a friends wedding, celebrated with out of town friends…And as I’m sure you can imagine…all of these things forced me to deal with a lot of food and being off my regular routine.  But I am happy to say in these crazy 2 weeks, I finally weighed in and only gained 2 lbs!

The food:  In a four day period I had a pizza lunch on my first day at my new job, a second pizza lunch the next day accompanied with other pot luck goodies at work, followed by a mexican food bridesmaid dinner that night, a rehearsal dinner catered by Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ Friday night, and then treats, alcohol, and wedding dinner Saturday night.  I went into the midweek and weekend telling myself I was not going to go crazy with my food choices, but I also was not going to stress myself out so much about it that I forgot what I was really there to do: start a new job I am incredibly excited about and celebrate one of my very best friends getting married!  Sometimes it is important to take a step back and realize sometimes its ok to indulge and allow yourself to enjoy events going on in your life!  The important thing for me is Monday morning I was right back at it!

The Running: Yesterday was National Running Day!  My friend Val (The bride from the past weekend!) and I met up with a bunch of Kansas City runners for a 4 mile run to celebrate!  Great people, great course, great time! (40 min, and yes sustaining a 10 min mile is something I still celebrate!)  I have a 5K this weekend that I am really excited about as well!

The workouts:  For the most part I was able to keep my workouts throughout my busy schedule!  Even if I could only fit in a quick 30 min session I made sure to fit that in.  CrossFit has been getting more challenging with each session.  We have started the basics of learning how to do real pull-ups.  My goal is to do just 1 real pull-up by the end of August.  [I think I can, I think I can].

Weight Watchers News: Speaking of goals I have set a pretty big goal for myself.  My two year anniversary with Weight Watchers is this August.  Two freaking years!!  I can’t believe it.  I have set my final goal weight at 150 and am trying to get there by the end of August.  It won’t be easy, but I know I can do this.  I have come so far and it’s time for me to meet this damn goal!

Moral of this story:  Never let food be in control of your life to the point you miss out on the important stuff.  Life is too short to spend major life events worrying about what is going in your mouth.  I am living proof.  Because guess what…In the big scheme of things, 2 lbs is nothing…My pants still fit…and I made memories with my best friends I will never forget.   Make sure to take this with a grain of salt, however.  How quickly 1 day turns into 1 week, turns into 1 month, turns into 1 year.  It is ok to give yourself a day here or there.  But you have to commit back to your routine the next day. Having a healthy lifestyle is a [forever].  The most important question to continually to ask yourself is: Is the way I am eating, working out, etc. something I can do forever…If you can’t live without eating candy for the rest of your life, don’t do it for any “diet”.  That damn “D” word will get you every time.  Trust me.

A [Brave] Leap of Faith “Healthy is the New Skinny”

I’ve been chatting a lot with a good friend of mine about taking leaps of faith.  I keep encouraging her to do so and realized I need to practice what I preach.  So, here you have it people.  Me showing all of you my stomach.  I never thought in a billion years I would do this, but you know what…I’ve come a long way and for the first time in my entire life…I can see my abs! Me, Grace Goodman…I have abs that you can see! And I am damn proud of them!  Yes, I still have a ways to go before I will be caught dead in a bikini…but I think it’s important for me to think about how far I have come and celebrate the hard work I have put in.  I’m sure there are lots of people out there who will look at this and think I would never want to look like that.  And to them I say…Fuc…Haha jk!  But I would like to remind everyone out there who has committed to making healthy changes in their life that “Healthy is the New Skinny” and the feeling of good health trumps everything.  I mean everything.  So, here it goes.  You’ve been warned:


Crossfit 4/26


Here is tonight’s workout.  I finished in 20:18.  (Haha sidenote-Jodi an awesome Crossfitter wrote out the WOD tonight…Notice the sad face!)

For the squats, we squatted until our butt’s touched a medicine ball below us (its hard to see in the picture)

Questions? Leave me a comment and I will answer as best as I can!

Crossfit 4/24

I didn’t force you all to look at pictures of me doing each of these exercises…this time! But don’t you worry, you will see me again =)


Tonight’s crossfit…Well, if I’m being honest…WAS. A. BITCH.

In case you can’t read the picture clearly:

**I run 1 mile at a fairly quick pace before Crossfit.  It’s very important to get your muscles warmed up first!

1) Run 1 lap

2) Burpe (This is not confirmed, but I’m pretty sure the devil himself thought up this little exercise)

3) KB (Kettle Bell) single arm swings

4) Jump rope 75 times

5) Floor to toes (basically this is a sit up where you touch your toes with your hands at the top)

You might be wondering what those numbers mean under W.O.D…Those, those are reps…for each set. So the first time through you start by running your lap.  Next you take on 21 burpes. After that, you show that kettle bell who is boss (oh and you get to really show you are the boss with this one…because that is 21 on each arm, not total) Not tired yet? Ok great, because next up is jumping rope…75 times…Still want more? Wow you are not only a bad ass, but you are in luck…because you get to finish this set out with 21 floor to toes sit ups. Yay you did it! Now keep going because you get to do that all over again for 15-9-15-21. (excluding the lap and jumprope those stay constant. 1 lap, 75 jump ropes for each set)

Again, this is meant to be done as quickly as you can SAFELY do it. Want to race me? My time was 29:32. GO!


Crossfit 4/19





















Yay, I finally remembered to take pictures at Crossfit!  Crossfit is done at Prairie Life Center (Overland Park location) with two trainers-Gary @mytrainer_gt and Ray @TrainerRayHicks (Follow them, they tweet awesome fitness info and are just Bad Ass trainers!)  I will try to remember to take pictures each session (please try not to laugh at the faces I make while working out…Kind of wish I didn’t know that is what I look like, haha!!)  Here is tonight’s workout:

1 mile run before class to get warmed up.

1) Thrusters (and yes, that bar is damn heavy!) [Photo: Top Right]

2) Box jumps (these I cannot do because of my knee) but they have me do 50 jump ropes with each set instead

3) Stairs with Medicine Ball (20 lbs)  (Up and down 3 times each set) [Photo: Top Left]

4) Push Ups (Chest to floor) Yes, that is me behind all that hair!  I finally do REAL push ups!! But if you aren’t there yet, no shame in push ups on your knees!  You will get there, I promise. [Photo: Bottom Left]

5) V-Crunch [Photo: Bottom Right]

First set 21 reps of each (except the stairs-3 times each set and jump rope-50 times each set)

Second set 15 reps of each

Third set 9 reps of each

Forth set 6 reps of each

*Go as fast through these as you safely can.  This is meant to be done quickly w/o breaks!