24a7659c46a711e38a5622000a1fbe35_8My name is Grace and I’m a recovering Fatty.  I lost a lot of weight. At my heaviest, I was a 17 year old girl, weighing in at 290 lbs.  I have been overweight for as long as I can remember.  The first memory I have of thinking I was fat was in 2nd grade.  I vividly remember the conversation my pediatrician had with my mom about the need for me to lose weight…When I was the ripe old age of eight.  Actually, I think I have been “on a diet” since that day, long, long ago!  Yes, I got to graduate high school and college as a fatty.  (I have amazing friends and have had most of them since before high school-so this is not where I turn this into a sob story where my life was miserable…It was not by any means, but no matter how many awesome people you are surrounded by in life, being a fatty always has its miserable qualities that you fight within yourself daily.)  As of my last weigh in, I have lost almost 130 lbs and am so close to my goal weight I can taste it (yep, I will always be a Fatty at heart!)  I have struggled with the same 25-30 lbs for about two years. My body continues to change, I’m stronger, faster, and healthier…But can’t seem to hit my goal of 150! I am more focused now than ever and am so happy I can take each of you on the rest of my journey with me!

Before and After weight loss What is FromFattyTo?

“Fatty” is a term I use to describe myself pre weight loss.  For some reason, the word fatty never bothered me.  I always kind of heard it as a “soft” term to describe overweight people.  If it bothers you, please know its not meant to.  FromFattyTo was born when I sat down one day and realized all of the things I went From Fatty To: FromFattyTo Runner, FromFattyTo Workout Queen, FromFattyTo Healthy Eater, FromFattyTo Weight Watcher Points Plus Counter, FromFattyTo Daily Smiler, FromFattyTo non plus size wearer, FromFattyTo shopping addict (it’s way more fun when you can shop at ANY store!) and for me, most importantly, FromFattyTo I can do anything I want believer.  I hope through my struggles, successes, and my honest life story I can inspire you to go FromFattyTo whatever you want. I am here to help in any way I can, every step of the way.  This is my passion and I want everyone to experience the true joy I get to celebrate every single day.  It just takes one day to start to change your life.  I can assure you, if I can do this…ANYONE can.

My weight loss attempt history [in a nutshell]

I have tried numerous “diets” over the past seventeen years and have done Weight Watchers more than once in my life.  I decided the only hope I ever had at being “skinny” was to get the lap band.  I walked into the doctor’s office and said this is it; I’m finally going to fix all my problems in one surgery!  At the consultation, the doctor told me my BMI was too high to have the surgery right away and I needed to lose weight before he would operate.  A doctor telling you, you are too fat to have weight loss surgery…low point.  But I was determined to have it done.  My insurance was of course making me jump over hurdles to get them to pay for it (blessing in disguise) and wanted me to be on a doctor supervised diet for six months.  I went to my first appointment with my regular doctor.  I owe her a huge thank you because she was totally supportive of my decision to have LapBand, but looked me directly in the eyes and said “You do not need LapBand, you can do this without it; I believe in you.” No one had ever said that to me.  How did this doctor who barely knew me, see a fire in me that I couldn’t see myself?  I left that office and never considered LapBand again!

While this was going on, a dear former Fatty friend of mine, Jennifer, had been doing Weight Watchers for a good amount of time and was having a huge amount of success.  I give her a lot of credit for my final success at Weight Watchers.  I watched her getting smaller and smaller and happier and happier and thought “Shoot, if she can do this I sure as hell can too!”  P.S. she proudly lost 80 lbs and is now hotter than donut grease (again sorry, Fatty at heart.)  So for her, I am forever grateful that she found the strength in herself to lose weight, prompting my success.

I joined Weight Watchers and had a good amount of success (lost 30 lbs.) but like my attempts before, fell off  track.  I did not gain back the 30 lbs., but did quit losing.  Months went by and I finally decided I was sick of being over 200 lbs.  I was having panic attacks (that I later found out were completely weight related) and was miserable.  I hated that I couldn’t do the normal stuff regular people did.  The last time, I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting something felt different.  I was finally there to lose weight for me.  I didn’t care what anyone else thought about me.  I wasn’t losing for my parents, my friends, my family, or for the boys I wished would look at me and think I was beautiful.  Just me.. My first five pounds came off in the first week.  I had been through this before, so I knew it would come off fairly quickly at the beginning, but it still felt great.  I felt empowered.  I felt in control of every aspect of my life.  I, of course have had some off weeks (and still do!), but even in those moments of weakness I still felt better than I had in my entire life.  As the pounds came off and the compliments came rolling in I really started to believe this was my time.  [I was no longer going to live a life in the plus size section.]      

I hired a personal trainer who was an amazing support.  When I first started working with him we were doing thirty-minute sessions (I couldn’t physically do more). Each week he pushed me a little harder and stretched me to a level I didn’t believe I could get to.  (You can follow my workouts in the Fitness and Running sections, but I do want to say the working out part came VERY slowly for me, so don’t think I was able to do the workouts I do now back then.

I wake up every single day with a smile on my face.  I recently looked at myself in a mirror and didn’t see the Fatty I was for so long and I SOBBED. Tears of joy, of course!  Losing weight is the most emotional roller coaster I have ever been on, but I wouldn’t change any part of it.  Sometimes it is hard for me to remember where I started, but the look on the faces of people when they see me for the first time since I’ve lost the weight is amazing.  It never gets old.  The confidence I have now is indescribable.  I find myself smiling throughout the day for sometimes no reason at all…except that I am finally healthy.  [The feeling of good health is one I had never experienced and it is amazing.]

I am just a normal girl.  I was just your average overweight, fast food, candy, cookies, pizza-loving, non-active American.  I have no secrets, no tricks.  I will forever be a Weight Watcher and PointsPlus Counter.  That is who I am now.  Weight Watchers changed my relationship with food.  It doesn’t happen overnight, but I promise you if you commit one day at a time…It will happen.   I no longer eat food simply because it tastes good.  I eat healthy food that I know is good for my body.  I indulge in moderation, (I have a HUGE sweet tooth!) but find the junk I lived on for years doesn’t even appeal to me in the same way anymore.  Weight Watchers and the PointsPlus plan changed my life and empowered me to do what I honestly thought was impossible. It’s hard. It takes work. You will have frustrating days (that will be totally overshadowed by the great days!)  But you can do this. Now its time for you to change your life…And you are already millions of steps ahead of other Fatty’s out there, because you have a plan.  You’re ready. It’s your turn to claim your FromFattyTo.

*This is not a Weight Watchers endorsed blog.  I do not receive payment or any type of compensation from Weight Watchers. Please note I am not a nutritionist or personal trainer. Things I share on this blog are my personal opinions and my personal story. You should always consult your doctor before changing your diet or activity. All Weight Watchers Points Plus were calculated by me. I encourage you to double check my calculations. I’m only human after all!


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  1. Inspirational! You’ve always been beautiful, but now you’re beautiful and svelte to boot. Best of all you’re now headed for a longer, happier life! I’m proud of you!

  2. ” Amazing Grace” It really goes to show, when you work hard, you get great results. You are living proof of that. Well done ! you look fantastic! Good luck with your half marathon! I’m so very proud of you.

  3. I can’t believe it’s the same Grace we met many years ago. I am Jill Viso’s sister-in-law Irene, from England. I too am a Weight Watchers member and I can’t wait to tell my class about your success, keep it up Grace you look fantastic.
    Irene Molyneux

  4. Hi! Its Jodie, (Irene’s daughter) you look amazing!!
    I’m on weight watchers too and i find it so hard to keep on track, but your pictures are really inspiring!
    Keep it up!

    • Hey Jodie!!! Thank you! It can be hard at times, but I just take it day by day =) Somedays it’s an hour by hour kind of day….I know you can do it though!!

  5. Hi Grace,

    You really have done a great job and you look fantastic. I love looking at your pictures, come back for another spin class. : ) Good luck with your run….

    • Thank you! I hope through learning about my journey those who don’t believe it’s possible see that it really is! =) Let me know how your journey goes!

  6. Grace, I just saw your link through facebook–this is amazing. Such an inspiration. I think I’m going to have a smile on my face for the rest of the day. Thanks for sharing your story!

    Warmly, an acquaintance from high school :)

  7. I too have followed Weight Watchers and this last night had great sucess and you are right…I too will count points for the rest of my life…and I’m okay with that! I tell people this all the time. It’s not a diet – it’s a life style change. (naturally skinny people don’t understand that at all :)

    Found you from your shirt on the Glowbassadors picture…I’m one too!

    • Haha damn those skinny people! JK! But yes, if you look at it as a temporary diet you are setting yourself up to fail for sure-learned that the long, hard way! Can’t wait for the Glow Run! Look forward to meeting you at the Glowbassador meeting!

  8. Hi, Grace. You don’t remember me but I’m a long lost friend of your mom’s. I knew you for the first three and a half years of your life. No, you weren’t a fatty then – just pretty damn adorable! I’m so glad I found you. You are absolutely beautiful! And what a story you tell! You are very, very good at it. I hope I can get my son (also a fatty) to just take a look at your website. I think it would motivate him as it does me. I know he would love it. As I am also a fatty I plan to make this visit a permanent part of my routine. Tell your mom I said hi. I know how proud of you she must be. Love you, Grace!

    • Aw thanks for reaching out and for your kind words! It is a journey, but is also the most rewarding thing you will ever do for yourself. I never ever thought I would be “in shape” and know it can feel overwhelming. Just take it one day at a time and don’t let small set backs get in your way! Please let me know if I can help you or your son with anything! You can both do this. And how amazing you can do it together!! Xo

  9. I keep coming back here for inspiration. Today I needed inspiration not to snark down some carbs and/or chocolate. Thanks, Grace.


  10. Hi!! First of all, I actually just discovered your blog the other day and I was so inspired by your story! You actually just “liked” my instagram weight loss pic, which means a lot from someone who’s been there.

    I just (as in yesterday) started a weight loss blog of my own so I can chronicle my journey towards getting Fitnasty For Life (http://fitnastyforlife.blogspot.com). Feel free to take a look if you like! Best of luck to you on continuing to reach your goals :)

    • Hi Carolyn! Sorry for this very long overdo response. My blog has suffered as life got in the way….But I’m focusing on it now! =D Your blog is fantastic!! You look fabulous and will def. be someone I turn to for inspiration!!!

  11. Just read your tweet from Tuesday, May 7th, about how you just feel like eating and eating. Makes me feel better, as I’ve fallen off the WW wagon the last few days after 5 pretty successful weeks. If someone who’s accomplished all you have can still feel that way it gives me hope. Thank you and this forum is amazing for the morale of all of us. Good luck, Grace

    • Hi Ron! Sorry I am just seeing this…Life got in the way of me blogging…But I’m finally back at it =D I still have times when I struggle! I expect to have that the rest of my life. I focus on the good, deal with the bad and move right along! Hope you are doing well and feeling great!

  12. So, I’ve seen this before but after forwarding an email from you I clicked on “blog”. I’m sitting here crying reading this….again. Why do you keep doing this to me? Only a few short months I have known you. Didn’t know you as a from “fatty” to.. Only as from “rock star” to “motivator”. Keep kicking ass. Thanks for being my friend and motivator. You are brilliant.

  13. Hello Grace, Wow your blog has really inspired me.. I am Working my way through weight watchers and i am down a full 40 pds. im finally out of the plus size section and feeling amazing. It has been a long 10 months and im feeling discouraged that its taken me this long just to loose 40 pds. I am wondering in total how long it took you to loose the 130 pds? am i on the right track some weeks i dont loose others weeks i loose one or two pounds. I havent gained in almost 5 months. I feel like im starting to slow down and i’m not sure what to do. I have amped up my workouts and started strength training. I have a huge issue with indulging. i try and have just one cheat meal every 2 weeks as it keeps me more on track. Thank you for taking the time to read my questions and thoughts.

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