2 years…115 LBS Gone.

I made an incredible discovery last night. I knew I started my Weight Watchers journey for the last time in August of 2010…But I didn’t really realize that was THIS MONTH!  I went to my etools to check my exact start date…And wouldn’t you know…it’s this week! August 16, 2010. At first I was like woah I can’t believe it! And then it hit me…Its been TWO years and I’m still not at goal.  This was is a rush of so many emotions. The past 6-8 months has been one of success and set back, success and set back…I’ve never been “off plan” in two years, but like everyone I too, have my “off” times. But after really thinking about the past two years this is what I realized…

What have I done in 2 years:

[Lost] a lot of weight (obviously, ha!) [Gained] a lot of confidence.

[Changed] my body shape.

[Evolved] my mind.

[Left] the plus size section.

[Walked] my first 5k. [Ran] my first mile without stopping. [Ran] my first 5k. [Ran] my frist 5 miles without stopping. [Ran] my first 10 miles without walking. [Ran] my first half marathon.

Did my first [real] pushup. Did 70 [real] pushups in a row.

[Saw] my abs. [SAW] MY ABS. (i like this one.)

[Lowered] my cholesterol. [Lowered] my lipids. [Gained] energy. [Stopped] weight related painc attacks.

[Quit] eating fast food (Not becuase you have to, remember you can eat ANYTHING!)

[Shared] clothes with my [healthy] sized friends.

[Learned] to ENJOY healthy food. [Learned] moderation.

[Experienced] true happiness.

[Left] an undesired statistic group. [Became] a statistic not many people become.

[Proved] anything is possible if you are willing to work. [Accepted] anything is possible if you are willing to work.

And lastly, [learned] to [BELIEVE] in [MYSELF].

So while I am not at goal weight yet, what I have done for myself in two years is forever life changing and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.

9 thoughts on “2 years…115 LBS Gone.

  1. I started following you on Instagram after following a Weight Watchers hashtag. I am SO glad I “found” you. I am working on my weight loss journey after several failed attempts. I’m terrified of so many things…but scrolling through your blog has given me so much hope. You are AWESOME. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

    • Rachel-Thank you so much! You are so sweet! Please make sure to keep me up to date on how things are going for you. I do this one day at a time and know if you do the same you will find TONS of success =)

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